The average lifespan of a good car battery is 3three to five years. With proper handling and maintenance, your battery can last for the most, if not all of its expected life. You may also find yourself in need of a replacement much sooner if the battery dies prematurely.

Either way, when your car battery dies, and you have to buy a new one for your vehicle, there are certain considerations that you must bear in mind. Here are but a few of these considerations to help you choose the right car battery

1.    Find The Right Size

For starters, you will need a battery that fits snugly within the battery rack or tray. With the right size of a battery, making connections will be easier, and it will not damage your car. You can find the recommended group size, which covers the ideal length, width and height of the car battery indicated on the manufacturer's manual.

2.    Stick To The Recommended Brand

The manufacturer's manual may also include mention of a preferred car battery brand. Before you can start looking at other options, you should consider buying the particular brans recommended. If for whichever, reason, be it prohibitive costs or something similar, ensure that you strictly stick to the given specifications.

3.    Watch The Specifications

As already mentioned, always adhere to the specifications. Always refer to the manufacturer's manual to find out the exact CCA and CA rating that is specified for your battery.

If, while shopping around, you cannot find a car battery with the exact specifications as recommended, you can choose one with a slightly higher rating. It shouldn't be too high. Going for a car battery with lower CA and CCA rating, on the other hand, is never an option.

4.    Check The Manufacture Date

The age of your car battery will have an impact on how well it performs when you put it to use. You want a car battery that is fresh, as opposed to one that has been sitting around in storage. Going by the date of manufacture, ensure that you get a car battery that is less than six months old.

Buying a used car battery should be the last thing on your mind. With the few pointers highlighted, and others, you can find yourself a new battery that will not only perform as it should but which will last. For more information on car and marine batteries, contact your local supplier.