If you're involved in the transportation business, you may be responsible for maintaining a sizeable fleet. With time, some of your vehicles will need a major overhaul, and you may be looking for some replacement diesel engines. This can be a big investment, so you've got to pay a lot of attention to what you get. Not only does it have to last a long time, but also it's got to be specific according to your job requirement. What should you be looking at, before your shopping begins?

Do You Need to Be Original?

You may not need to turn to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to get your new diesel engine, because independent manufacturers could present you with a better option. While the manufacturer of the truck will undoubtedly "recommend" their own, you should weigh up all the options.

Bigger Questions First

As you probably know, when it comes to heavy duty diesel engines they're not all the same, as each unit can be specifically tuned to meet your needs. As a consequence, you need to calculate what you want in the short term, as well as in the medium and long-term. Are you planning to change the load type or configuration in the future?  

There are other questions to ask as well. For example, what is the duty cycle for the vehicle and what is the typical terrain that it will encounter? For long-distance hauliers, what climate zones will the vehicle encounter and how long do you expect your purchase to last?

Getting Down to Details

When the bigger questions have been answered, you can then turn to individual specifications. You'll be able to choose components that can help you to maximise fuel economy, while minimising the maintenance requirement. If this vehicle is only going to be driven by one employee, then you can fine-tune its performance according to their habits and driving characteristics. Gear ratios can be set to a particular preference, and the vehicle electronics can be tuned for either efficiency or performance.

Getting a Good ROI

Don't make assumptions when it comes to longevity. While most engine manufacturers want to be known for long life and take pride in their reputation, some of them stand out against others. You may choose to work with manufacturers whose engines have passed the million mile threshold. While this is quite rare, it could certainly help you to maximise your return on investment.

Considering Availability

As a final word to the wise, remember that an unusual choice may have repercussions when it comes to unexpected breakdowns. You need to be sure that experienced service technicians are always available, even in the remotest locations. Consequently, look at the technician network and availability of components as part of your process.